The Community Manager is the voice of the company

I have summarized below the 10 fundamental activities of a Community Manager. 1. Manages the company or brand community Online communities are communities of individuals who are formed on the web around a product/service, to share the passion for the brand, the user experience and support on the functioning of the product.  based on social networking networks . It is the job of the community manager to moderate, educate and assist the online community.

Communities are formed mainly

The community manager understands and supports the members of the community in a disinterested way, recommends tools, offers solutions, helping and working alongside those who normally do not work closely with the end user. 2. Listen Germany Business Fax List and know what customers want. To approach the public of the community you need to know its participants! We are in an era of growing fragmentation. The value of trust and attention is essential. The community. Manager knows perfectly the characteristics of every single product of the. Company and the brand values, he knows the surrounding. Ecosystem and the relative implications that derive from it for the company. 3. Investigate and analyze your competition an innovative strategy or a new feature ?

Have your competitors launched

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Warning, this could divert attention from your online. Community! Study, analyse, draw conclusions and act: imitating competitors ‘ products or marketing is not always. The best choice for your business.  4. Manages the digital identity of the My Numbers List company/brand . This is why all your messages must convey security and trust in compliance with the company’s vision . And they must be communicated with the right tone of voice ! 5. Pay attention to the customer on the web Customer first! An ancient law of marketing that every Community. Manager Guide should mention. You need to be ready to hear what our users have to say. About the brand and their experience. With our product. Don’t have the answer ready?

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