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Try to find the solution as quickly as possible and be ahead. Of the game! When you manage an attentive and demanding online community. Do the solutions come directly from the members who send you the reports? 6. Monitor and analyze relevant statistics. There are many ways to measure the health of a digital community. But the first step is to define the analysis metrics or KPIs – Key Performance Indicators . Monitoring and analyzing the results of. The actions that have been taken is essential to understand which direction to follow in managing your Community.

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This must be done on a regular basis and based on a deep understanding of our Digital Community. But never forget. The health of a community Singapore Business Fax List should not be measured only in statistics and data, but also in terms of the added value provided to our users. 7. Can’t ignore SEO and organic traffic One eye on the user and one on positioning. When you create interesting content, also think about the impact it could have on search engines and on the web.  , compare yourself with colleagues. Do you have an SEO specialist who can help you in your team ? Do you have tools that can help you build a robust web copywriting strategy?

He is the voice and pen

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Community manager-banner-professional-writing-texts-for-company-Facile-Web-Marketing-Nicola-Onida-SEO-Copywriter Word of mouth is also My Numbers List valid in the “Internet world” but the added factor of the web is research and in this case SEO can certainly give us a hand. It’s always a good day to welcome new users into our Community , also (and above all) through search engines! Obviously it shouldn’t be the community manager who sets the pillars of an SEO strategy for the company , but will have to collaborate with those who know how to move in this area. 8. of the company in the media and blogs In my opinion the most interesting part of this fantastic work. (or keyboard) you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

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