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Manager is to stimulate conversations between brands and users. The role of the community manager is to act as an intermediary between a brand and the community it intends to create or its followers. That is, a loyal audience or a cluster of consumers who share a similar interest. The community manager should feel like a brand ambassador . Interacting with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones.

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The community manager focuses on measuring sentiment around the brand, using social listening tools to monitor feedback and engagement. Skills of a Community Manager What are the main skills and characteristics of a Community Manager? characteristics Canada Business Fax List of a community manager. And understand if he can be the figure you need for your business project. Surely a good community manager must know how to juggle these areas: 1. Communication It might seem obvious but there is a subtle difference between being a good writer and a skilled communicator . Community management isn’t just about creating fun or engaging posts.  in order to modulate the brand > user communication . Having good networking skills is also fundamentally for the digital community manager role. 2. Empathy and judgment.

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A community manager must be able to empathize with the customer and know how to respond according to the brand’s values ​​and identity.  of My Numbers List epic fails on social media and on the web, with social media managers and marketers who have published knee-jerk and inappropriate reactions in response to customer complaints. EXTRA TIP: In reality, when a brand responds appropriately, it can turn a negative experience into a success story. 3. Data organization and analysis While managing online communities requires human and emotional skills, the community manager must possess organizational skills and the ability to handle a hectic workload. Having to monitor multiple platforms, it is important to keep up with the reactions of followers and users using, where necessary, analytics tools to measure the main metrics. Coverage , traffic , engagement are relevant data for a community manager. Activities of.

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