The community manager presides over

What his meaning is, the role and what are the main tasks of a good online community expert. Who is the Community Manager Community manager mythological figure Easy Web Marketing Rare image of Community Manager in antiquity The Community Manager is the professional figure who manages the online and offline community on behalf of a company. Precisely, the community manager is a digital professional who takes care of a virtual community.  the tasks of designing the structure and coordinating the web marketing activities of a brand. So the community manager only works online?

What is an online community or web community?

In reality, the community manager may also have to work for offline marketing activities, but we will see that later.  An online community, also UK Business Fax List called an online community or web community , is a virtual community whose members interact with each other primarily via the web . For many people, online communities can be a relevant social aspect. Enough to feel at home or build a real “digital family”. Those who want to be part of a web community usually become a member by registering on a specific site. Thus, he gains access to specific content or links. An online community can act as an information system whose members can post, comment on discussions, give advice or collaborate.

Usually people communicate through

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How do users of an online community interact?  social networking sites , chat rooms , forums , mailing lists , Telegram or WhatsApp channels . But My Numbers List it is not the platform where you reside that determines the type of online community, or not only. People can also gather in online communities through video games , blogs and virtual reality . Wikipedia defines an online community as: An aggregation of individuals or business partners interacting around a shared interest, where the interaction is at least partially supported or mediated by technology (or both) and guided by some protocol or norm. Wikipedia There are also b2b web communities . B2B online communities are professional networks

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