The keys to the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector

Involve the entire company in the digitization process the digitization of the pharmaceutical sector must. Indispensably have the full support of senior management. But change cannot be imposed “From above”. What is sought is a total culture change within. The organization and for that it is necessary that the entire company is involved. The digitalization process of a company in the pharmaceutical sector must be understood as something horizontal and collaborative. With contributions from the different areas of the company. The marketing department, which will be responsible for changing. The ways of communicating and implementing the new multi-channel strategies to reach customers.

Involve the entire company in the digitization process

Sales professionals , in coordination China Business Fax List with the above. The customer service area , which will have to transform its customer service procedures to be able to respond with the speed. Required by the new channels without failing to comply with all the compliance requirements. For example, in the event of an adverse effect. Those responsible for human resources.

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Define well the channels, targets and levels of access

The administration , since this change should My Numbers List not only be “From the outside” but the logical thing is that the company’s internal procedures are also digitized through collaborative and paperless tools. And of course, the medical department . Like any process, digital transformation will require some adaptation time , during which it must be given priority. Therefore, You have to keep in mind the learning curves and adaptation rates of the staff and not try to speed up.

In order to successfully undertake this change, it is essential that management have a digital road map to guide their steps and that a series of good practices be designed to guide employees. Always keeping in mind that you have to be flexible to adapt to changes in regulations, in the market and in the digital tools themselves..

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