So in any case I advise you to always have the target as a reference

Web marketing The results range from 0 to 100, where the value “100” indicates the highest readability and “0” the lowest readability. In general it turns out that you text with an index below 80 are difficult to read for elementary school graduates less than 60 are difficult to read for those with a middle school certificate below 40 are difficult to read for those with a higher degree Scala Gulpease Writing for the Web Nicola Onida Easy.

While those of a website

Web Marketing Legibility of a text according to the Gulpease index. Writing for the web: how to do with website or blog texts? What is the difference France Business Fax List between writing texts for a blog and for a website? The contents of a blog, in principle, are articles.  (which could be a showcase site, a portal, an e-commerce) are static texts. To work well, a blog needs an editorial plan . A document that includes guidelines for organizing everything you want to write in the article, taking into consideration the continuous evolution of the blog. You have the target, you have the content map to develop over time, you have everything you need to keep up with the pace of publications. You don’t need anything else. Writing for the web means reaching the right people with the message. .

Writing micro-copy for the web

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Maybe I already repeated it?  Want to drive readers to the most important pages of your blog or website? Then you have to start taking care My Numbers List of all those portions of text that dialogue with the reader to lead him towards certain navigation steps. They are the so-called micro-contents for online writing. Or micro-copy , like: Page title Call to Action (CTA) Taglines Captions Anchor text URLs Image captions and alternative text How many times have you read Click here , Read here , Find out more ? Here, in reality, labels and anchor texts must be able to explain what text the reader will find on the page. Otherwise, you risk confusing him. Or it doesn’t inspire enough trust to continue on the navigation path.

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