To give life to any content, marketing strategy, engagement that increases brand value. Always remember to stick to your company’s tone of voice (see above). Community Manager and Content Manager like Batman and Robin Easy Web Marketing Nicola Onida SEO specialist digital marketing The Community Manager is like Robin for Batman: he runs to the aid of Content Marketing A true community manager follows the steps of the company blog and will do their best to contribute to the cause. Like suggesting topics, designing community guides and tutorials, support posts and how-tos to capture new users, etc.

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However, if he is doing his job well, he will (alas!) have less and less time to devote himself to content creation. Like Robin with Batman, his trusted Austria Business Fax List right-hand man comes to his aid: the Content Manager . 9. Handles crisis situations and webputation The Community manager can enhance the product and the value of the brand. But he can also commit some unintentional faux pas that could turn against the company. s of epic fails from Community Managers and Social Media Managers. Or even worse, implemented by simple company employees but which CM and SMM then had to remedy.

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Taking inspiration from all these case studies , it is always. Better to analyze how our colleagues managed to get out of crisis situations.¬† Also in My Numbers List this case we must not confuse the figure of the community manager with the tasks. That fall to the Customer Support team . It would be absolutely wrong to associate two distinct roles. 10. The community manager updates and adapts to new web trends The need to understand market trends in advance and adapt to changes is a fundamental aspect for the Community manager. , it is necessary to strive to find a balance between the requests that come from users, the company’s objectives and the.