Google App Indexing and how it benefits your mobile application

Mobile app seo companies that have mobile apps are missing out on a great opportunity. As they are not maximizing investment in their app’s to get more traffic and interaction , and potentially even conversions. Indexing your app content correctly is a big step to constantly improve and get re-engagement strategies. You would only need to implement app indexing for your app marketing strategies. Not too long ago, mobile app content needed to be replicated on a traditional website to be “Indexable”, but this has recently changed and google can now display android and ios mobile app content within its results. Organic search results (along with traditional website results).

Mobile App SEO

Google has created a special section Dubai Business Fax List called “Applications” in its search bar and if you select it. Only options from google play and apple itunes appear. Google_has_created_a_special_section_called_applications_in_its_search_bar.Pngbut most brands haven’t taken. Advantage of this opportunity and are missing out on potential app store downloads. In addition to the traffic that would come from organic search. Therefore, Google app indexing app indexing gives users who have installed. An app the chance to have it displayed on google pages if the app’s content is deemed relevant to the query.

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Google App Indexing

This means that when the user searches for a specific product My Numbers List or service. Google will display a link to the app’s product landing page instead of the company’s website landing page . Therefore, This allows mobile users to jump directly from search results to their apps, which means a really valuable engagement opportunity for app marketers . It may sound simple at first, but there are many things you need to consider to get it right.

In this article we will explain the different steps you must follow to get your mobile app to be indexed correctly : http support. Put urls within your application that are associated with your website and vice versa. If you create a common structure where links are shared, you will help in organic positioning.

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