Therefore, Discover how I use mind mapping tools to synthesize, organize and develop information for a Landing Page. Pssss, shall I tell you a secret? Something that I’ve only told a few people and not for nothing, but because I’m still working on it? Something that, of course, I will tell you first, for being part of this community and that may escape me in this post. Or maybe not. Who knows? Do you want to know? Hello! Ains, how warm, eh? To give you an idea, here in Murcia these days we take the glasses of milk out to the balcony so that the Cola-Cao can dissolve well. I won’t tell you more. The lizards are already packed and Marina says things like “To the park? Are we crazy? Then daddy, then grandma .

How to structure It's just

Get lethargic, I swear. Look, I even blink twice to avoid sweating because the showers can barely hold a meeting . It is what it is. Imagine if you are a physio and your air executive email list conditioning breaks, which can get messy in the room… Thank goodness I can work “slightly dressed” and almost with my feet stuck in the pool. Anyway. What about you? More or less the same? I hope it’s ok! Well, today I bring you a post related to the creation of Landing Pages and how to structure the information .

I don’t know if it happens to you but, when you start making a Landing Page, getting started costs a lot. TRUE? Tell me. But why does this happen? Well, because, at least in my case, we get confused not knowing what to put, where to put it, in what order, etc. TRUE? Hey, let’s go, let’s hit WordPress.

Then what happens happens

So, here is the guy in the swimsuit, after getting a lot of pain, without being even close to being a copywriter (nor pretending to be, don’t you see the level that is out there, I have My Numbers List been experimenting with a new technique that has served me very well to sketch and organize the Landing Page information that I will publish in a few days .And what are those arguments? What should you include? In what order? The answer to these questions can be decisive in the success of the Landing .

Therefore, Yes, I swear by Drilo and Huga the Turtle, he doesn’t know how to run and when he goes out for a walk he takes a long time to come back, come back… Depending on the objective you are setting and the product/service you want to offer, your potential clients will have a series of questions whose answers they will want to find in your Landing.