How to achieve responsible advertising The keys to the UTECA conference

This Tuesday, October 11. The Open How to achieve Commercial Television Union ( UTECA ) organized the day The value of content. Responsible advertising. Journalism and companies. At a meeting held in Madrid. Around thirty specialized voices debated the power of truthful information and its relevance within modern societies. Eduardo Olano, president of UTECA, said during the opening of the day: «Good journalism. Quality entertainment and the broadcasting of advertising in safe and trustworthy environments are more necessary today than ever. As a counterweight and guarantee of rigor and responsibility .”

Challenges of current digital journalis

Fernando Belzunce remembers industry email list that, when the Internet began, journalism had very powerful information transmission mechanisms : “The generation of information and the possibilities of reaching the audience were incredible.” However, he now believes that the communication sector “has been imposed a model based on social networks that others have known how to take better advantage of” and points out that Google has “total control” over the publication of media content and even about its distribution.

Trust in advertisers up for debate

Agustín Medina , member of the Advertising My Numbers List Academy, agrees: ” It is vital to maintain investment in brands. Which is a long-term investment.” In this sense. He remembers that in 1993 there was a crisis in the US and many companies stopped investing in advertising and communication. Except for a series of brands such as Nike or Starbucks . Now we can see where those marks are.” The director of Expansión , Ana Isabel Pereda , stated: “What we try to do is put everything in context and inform well. In addition to having a communication policy oriented towards transparency.”

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