Communication techniques you should know

 It is grouped into columns and. Therefore, lines, and the quality of the figures depends on the number of pixels that make it up. However, the. Therefore, definition of a pixel will depend on the context. In this post, we are going to focus on the. Therefore, conversion pixel , a code that you insert into your ads or pages, to ensure that the user has completed an action that you had determined. Let’s explain it better in the following topics!


What are communication techniques

Conversion pixel is. Therefore, JavaScript code (a programming language that was created to company data run in users’ browsers with the aim of offering more dynamic processes on web pages). These codes are generally. Therefore, created in the ad manager, such as Facebook Ads (later, we will show you the step by step to create your conversion pixel), with the 1X1 format, which places a transparent (or invisible) image on your site.


Types of communication

They are used to track the actions that users of your site are taking. This means that. Therefore, the My Numbers List conversion pixel can show you actions such as redirects to other pages, a purchase added to a cart, a. Therefore, product actually purchased, among other types of conversion.

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