If you have already achieved a certain position in the search engine for a given keyword, but suddenly you disappear from the search results, it may mean either a ban from Google or better positioning of your competitors.

Either way, if you notice a decrease in visibility in Google, it is worth checking whether a filter has been applied to your website. Another sign could be decreased website visits, which could result in a sudden drop in sales. You definitely want to avoid this.

Wondering how to check if a website has a Google filter? The analysis methods depend largely on what type of filter has been applied. Google gives two types of penalties – manual or algorithmic filter.

Google Filter Possible Causes a Few Years Ago

In the first case, the matter is quite clear. Just log in to Google Search Console, select “Security and Manual Actions” and then Manual Actions.

Once all options are selected, you can start the resource rendering Ws Number List process. After a few moments, users will receive information about whether the page is indexed and what it looks like graphically.

How to adapt to this change? Google emphasizes that texts should be created for people, by people.

The point is that they actually help solve a given problem for the user, are based on statistics, research and analyses, and are unique.

Google Ban What is It the Terms Filter and Ban

It is worth knowing that unhelpful content may cause the position of the entire domain to suffer, not just the subpage where the content is located.

Spam Update
Sites violating Google’s policies may see their rankings reduced My Numbers List following the spam update. What can you get such a penalty for? excessive website optimization – website optimization is necessary, but it is worth emphasizing that its excess seriously harms your website.

Therefore, you must not overdo it, because such actions may result in a filter being placed on your website. Techniques such as keyword stuffing have not brought the desired results for a long time, which is why they do not take them into account in their activities.