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We will examine SEO criteria under 200 different algorithm headings. Google is the largest search engine in the world, its size poses some problems for Google and it produces various algorithms to solve these problems. Google performs the ranking and value process on web pages with 200 different algorithms. In our previous articles, we explained that it provides value with 200 algorithms, so what do these 200 algorithms cover? We will briefly examine the items one by one. The number of algorithms increases over the years. Domain Factors domain factors We can call the domain name the first step. If we examine the effects of domain names on Google; Article 1: Domain Name Age If we examine the video below by Matt Cutts regarding domain age, he states that a 6-month-old domain name is actually the same as a 1-year-old domain name and there is no difference between them. Domain age is not a very high criterion for Google. It would be healthier to just buy the domain name for the long term. When starting a project, it is necessary to purchase the domain name for at least 5 years.

Keyword inclusion in the domain

The presence of the Google search engine keyword in the domain still has an effect. It detects the domain as the keyword and gives a little more priority to the keyword selected domains in the Taiwan Whatsapp Number Data rankings. If you have purchased a non-keyword domain in your domain selection, it does not mean that you are following too far behind, it is just a factor that has a small impact. 3. Keyword at the beginning of the domain name We can access proven information on this subject from moz . As a result of the analyzes he conducts every two years. It has been proven that keywords are more effective in ranking if they are at the top of the domain. You can see the test results on domains that are in good standing below.

Making Domain Name Registration Longer

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When registering a domain, purchasing the domain name for a long time positively affects SEO efforts and search engine criteria. According to the research conducted on short-term domain names, it appears Indonesia WhatsApp Number List that sites that purchase domain names for a long period of time are ranked higher. 5. Keyword in Sub Domain According to Moz’s 2011 analysis, it was observed that sites using keywords in their subdomains ranked better. 52.8% of the sites with good rankings are sites that use sub-keywords. 6. Domain History The older the domain addresses are and the same service is provided in the old domain, it will affect your site positively. It is a complete mistake to start with a domain that has a dirty history. It is best to proceed with the same keyword as a domain with a clean domain history. When purchasing a domain, you should definitely examine its history.

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