You set out by purchasing new domains to evaluate the projects that come to your mind. So, do you have any information about what should be done during this process? START AND SETUP setup We will try to briefly explain to you what we need to do before publishing our project. You can find all the items required to have an SEO compatible web page under the headings. How to Choose the Right Domain? Domain selection varies depending on the project type. If you can find an old keyword domain. Google attaches importance to location domains. If your project does not cover a location, you can purchase a domain with a com extension or a net extension. If you are going to do a corporate work, you should choose the extension. provides great advantages in corporate work. Our other important item is that domain whois information is open. We have provided extensive information about this in Google algorithms.

How to Create an SEO Compatible Website?

Google may want to see who owns a domain. The second stage is the domain duration section. Regardless of the project, purchasing the domain for the long term will give you prestige and reliability in search engines. The most important thing to consider when choosing the right hosting is to choose a quality company that has Russia Whatsapp Number Data been serving. After choosing the hosting company, you should get DNS for your site. This is the issue you should pay most attention to here. Some users who avoid small expenses unfortunately throw their efforts away. You need to know that malicious sites hosted on the same IP address as yours also affect your site. That’s why purchasing DNS is mandatory. You should choose companies that provide Cpanel. Why is Trademark and Patent Application Important? It is valid for corporate sites. This is also valid for sole proprietorship companies.

How to Choose the Right Hosting?

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If you do not want your project to be stolen by others, you must complete your brand registration, domain registration and patent registration procedures and publish your site after these Cambodia WhatsApp Number List procedures are completed. The most important element that users and customers pay attention to in corporate projects will be the imprint and certificates such as patents etc. that you have published in the about you section. The best logic would be to start with a system that has plugins for every project you are looking for, many of which are free. Of course, you can have it done with special software, but it would be best to start with familiar systems such as opencart for e-commerce sites.