Therefore his disability is permanent


 The other axis of this classification has to do with the manifestation of these disabilities: situational. Temporary or permanent. Let’s give some examples. A user may have been visually impair   since birth. Therefore his disability is permanent. Or he may have suffer   a concussion and have temporary difficulty reading. What does situational disability mean ? If a user who does not have motor disorders in daily life finds himself holding a child in his arms. Perhaps on the subway. His ability to use the mobile device decreases significantly. Another example of situational disability could be relat   to the environment in which he finds himself.

How to navigate the web


 A user who tries to follow a video tutorial in asia email list a very noisy room will have difficulty following the instructions. Cognitive disabilities are often overlook  . But these too can be situational. Temporary or permanent and deserve consideration. A user may encounter cognitive difficulties when using content written in a language that is not their language. A user suffering from adhd will be hinder   in understanding an interface if it presents too many chromatic stimuli… Accessibility. How to navigate the web. Taking different disabilities into consideration is the first step to creating truly accessible websites and applications (but also content and learning) .

The user using a screen reader


 A great resource for developers and ui/ux designers comes from the w3c guidelines . These guidelines My Numbers List are structur   around 4 pillars. That of perception. Operability. Understanding and “robustness”. Let’s give some examples. If a website lacks alternative text in an image (alt text tag). The user using a screen reader will not be able to perceive the content we offer on the page. If the contrast between text and background is very low (less than the recommend   ratio 1;4.5) we make that text barely perceptible. Both for those with a permanent. Situational or temporary disability.

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