Services in online attention to the description of the search engine will download it from your store and the results may not necessarily contain what you want to see. Title Title Tag The title tag is the largest title on the page. It should describe what users will find there. In case of product page the product name is the most important it should be there. It just so happens that the product page doesn’t have this title at all. This is also worthy of attention. Avoid Duplicate Content Content on product pages is a hugely underrated element. Most online stores download ready-made product descriptions from the manufacturer’s database.

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Unfortunately as you may have guessed this will result in your store containing descriptions that appear on hundreds of other sites i.e. you have duplicate content Photo Retouching which to put it mildly Google doesn’t like that kind of content. Remember to appreciate pages with unique content. Pay attention to the optimization of product phrases If you have an existing product description and you definitely don’t have a keyword phrase to search for it (I recommend choosing the most specific phrases possible usually the longer they are the better and closer to the purchase intent they are) or optimize the phrase content.

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It pays to do so but don’t use too many phrases to describe it. Also make sure to include synonyms and similar words. In addition to SEO, remember that product descriptions should convince potential customers to make a purchase. It is designed to include My Numbers List key functional specifications and demonstrate benefits to users. It is worth using information about the make and model of a given product. I recommend it if you want to prepare good optimized content. I use it every day. Adding Opinions The ability to add opinions about a specific product brings many benefits.