You can program the chatbot. Smiling creatives sitting around. A screen or that of businessmen intent on shaking hands. If it’s not that of your creative team or your marketing director. It’s better to aim for a more original and bespoke image .Glossarial becomes social with Bulldog Publication date Together again with ilGolosario & Glossarial to talk about. The most anticipate food event of the year Glossarial returns to Milan, the food & wine exhibition create by Paolo Missouri , which will be at Micro. Fieramilanocity, from to November, for the eleventh it ion which will be full of news and events.

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This year even more social, thanks. To the live broadcast on photo editing servies the channels of the Golosario&Golosaria world. To tell the event on the web in real time. The collaboration, born in with the publication of the new. Website of the ilGolosario magazine, is now mature for the second consecutive year we are present at the event as partners, guests of the debate. On the web and social theme organize by Missouri. Our goal is to also give concrete support to all the companies exhibiting at Glossarial. Who increasingly have the ne to communicate.

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