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The budget for integration events should be include in the internal marketing strategy . agency/ Integration events in the era of a pandemic – online meetings The coronavirus pandemic has create a new challenge for employers. Each company had to face the “new reality” and thus – adjust its activities to it – change the terms of employment, switch to remote work or implement new communication tools . The crisis situation also change the approach to integration events. Many enterprises have opte for online integration.

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An although face-to-face integration is considere the most effective, it does not mean that virtual integration events do not bring results. Online integration should be base on word games and tasks that will allow employees to get to know each Latest Mailing Database other better, improve communication and teach them to cooperate. Popular integration games that can be use during a remote company meeting include: Two truths and a lie – each employee presents three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one is a lie; the task of the others is to guess which sentence is false; fun relaxes the atmosphere and allows you to meet employees privately.

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Tell us – everyone chooses an object that is important to them and presents it to the team; fun is a chance to get to know individual employees better, break the ice and establish friendly relations. Every employer should take care of the integration My Numbers List of their employees. Integration events can improve the atmosphere in the workplace, which will undoubtely have a positive impact on the quality of activities undertaken by the team. And although integration meetings are not an obligation, it is undoubtely worth encouraging employees to participate in such events.

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