Shareholders’ agreements? What are they for? Or better yet, what are they use for? It has often been a widely use tool to overcome the amount of corporate regulations that fall on companies like rocks falling off a cliff. On numerous occasions, the excessive regulation of the Company Law prevents what the partners want from being reflecte in the Company’s Statutes and that is where shareholders’ agreements are use. Special relevance But, let us start at the beginning. In the field of capital companies, shareholder agreements are especially relevant, both for SMEs and large companies . These agreements are an important element.

Special relevance

Regulate relationships between partners and are essential for business development. Shareholders’ agreements are agreements that complete, specify or modify the corporate statutes. These are agreements of a contractual nature. The partners, the company, the administrators, the director must Netherlands Number Data or can be part of a shareholders’ agreement. On the other hand, shareholders’ agreements generally have as their object the relationships of the partners among themselves and with the company. In practice it is very varie. It may even be the same as that of the social contract. However, they cannot regulate an aspect.

Efficacy and validity

Already contemplate in the bylaws in a different way and contrary to corporate public order. Efficacy and validity Regarding the form of the partners’ agreement, the principle of freeom governs, in accordance with the provisions of article 1278 of the Civil Code. The shareholders’ agreement will be effective as long as it meets New Zealand Phone Number List the legal requirements for validity. Therefore, its obligations are enforceable regardless of the way in which the agreement is conclude. In front of these agreements are the statutes of the company or “social agreement”. The bylaws are the basic rules that are establishe by law for each company at the time they are establishe.