Yoast SEO is one of the best and free SEO plugins available for WordPress users. Plugin editing, especially prepared according to Google guidelines, allows you to easily perform many complex operations. Yoast SEO installation You can install this plugin on WordPress in two different ways; 1- By downloading the plugin from you can easily install it in the plugins folder among the FTP folders of your site or from the plugins > add new > install plugin section. 2- However, in order to avoid any problems, you can easily get the latest version by clicking plugins>add new>search for plugins (Yoast SEO) from the WordPress admin panel. After the installation, do not forget to enable installed plugins>Yoast SEO . First of all, let’s talk briefly about the features of Yoast SEO Premium for those who are curious . It helps us analyze our target words and correct our mistakes in our content based on Google guidelines and rules.

Yoast SEO installation

While you can use a single word in the free version, the premium version includes multi-word analysis. It also allows you to easily redirect pages with 404 errors on your site or sections you want to Australia Whatsapp Number Data move to 301. So for beginners, the free version is sufficient. If you have more than one target word, you can make corrections by analyzing them one by one. You will not need the premium version. General Settings yoast seo Yoast offers us 7 different helpful options in its plugin interface . We will tell you how to fill them in the best way, along with their subheadings. Generally, the first settings screen we see is about introducing the plugin. When you start the tour, it will partially guide you by introducing the plugin with explanations. Latest changes include a description of the changes that came with the last update the plugin received. Returning to the default setting will partially reset itself by returning to the settings where the plugin was first installed and all actions you have made will be deleted.

Best Yoast SEO settings

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Your information is located in two different definition areas. The website name and the word you enter in the sectioned field will appear at the end of all your content and at the Estonia Phone Number List beginning of your home page. You can enter either your site name or your targeted keyword in this field. For the sake of user and ethics, we recommend that you use your site name. The company or person adds a meta tag to search engines as site owner profile information . In terms of security, clearly stating the site owner or company will gain plus points. yoast seo webmasters Webmaster settings are one of the most important areas. Clicking on Google, Alexa, Bing and Yandex will direct you to the registration section of these webmaster utilities. We recommend that you actively use all of these tools by subscribing to them and saving the meta tags in the webmaster settings. Security: If your site is open to user access and members can add articles, you should activate advanced security settings to prevent misdirection and data loss. However, if you have a certain staff of writers, you can disable this feature. Onpage analyzes areas such as content, pages, categories and tags, checks SEO compatibility and makes warnings. You definitely need to activate this field.