SEO is not just search engine optimization. Even though it stands for Search Engine Optimization in English, we can say that SEO is the destiny of a site. It can be done in different areas as well as ON-page and Of-Page. Optimization for Google and other search engines is done on major social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. To explain it by staying away from classical SEO expansions; SEO is the art of correct guidance for us. We can consider it as the art of becoming popular through social media, search engines and software with various algorithms. What are the effects of SEO on the future of the site? SEO is the starting factor for the development of our site, that is, work begins with internal optimization (on-page SEO).

Keyword or old domain purchase is made

If all the extensions of the domains you are looking for are full, you can start by purchasing an old domain. If you have to buy a new domain. When purchasing domains, care should be taken to purchase South Africa Whatsapp Number Data from well-known. You can choose hosting companies that offer 99% uptime, such as Godaddy or Radore. When purchasing hosting, you should be careful to get a DNS IP address specific to your site. Being on a separate IP address during your work is among the most important factors to prevent your work from going to waste. You need to pay attention to whether the hosting company provides Support Service or not and whether it offers 24/7 support. Don’t do it the way many beginner amateur users do. We often hear the phrase “First, let my site grow a little and then I will change the host.” This view is like driving a car with a flat tire. Always starting with a quality server will help you be one step ahead. Now it’s time for the theme and software. If you are not providing corporate services as an SEO Chief, we recommend that you use the WordPress infrastructure.

Theme and software selection?

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If you are selling products, you can choose Opencart software. After selecting the system, you need to pay attention to whether the theme is compatible with Mobile. You can easily find responsive themes France WhatsApp Number List on WordPress systems. After choosing the theme, the functionality of the theme should be checked. You should ask yourself whether it will be sufficient for your users. Remember that you need to think about users first and foremost. Installation Process and Installation of Plugins It means it’s time to start SEO. After purchasing hosting, theme and domain, system installation begins. The most important factor to consider here is to choose an uncomplicated theme and system with a simple URL structure. If it is a special software, you can ask the company to write a special field where you can change the Title, URL, Keyword, Meta, Description fields. Adding the site to search engines We need to remember to add our site address to search engines.