From his statement it can be concluded that what matters most is that the links are natural. Acquiring 200 Back Links in Two Days. May Be Punished, but Only Because. At First Glance It is an Unnatural. Action, and Not Because the Increase. Is Greater Than the Established Norms.

How to build a link profile?
Focus on gaining links according to White Hat SEO practices. Create valuable content, encourage your audience to share your publications, establish cooperation with other brands and be a guest on similar websites.

Remember about the relevance of links (Link Relevance) – links from websites thematically related to the domain being positioned are of the greatest importance for SEO.

How to Determine Link Velocity There Are Plenty

Also pay attention to broken links. Sometimes it happens that the URL placed on the page stops transmitting SEO power to Ws Data your domain for some reason. This is a big loss, considering how time-consuming and sometimes difficult link building is. Therefore, it is worth regularly detecting broken or damaged links and then repairing or, as a last resort, removing them.

Link Velocity refers to the rate of growth of links leading to the positioned domain . It is not an official Google search ranking factor, so you should not focus too much on it.

Instead, it is worth starting to build a strong link profile in accordance with good SEO practices . You can gain links through guest posts on external blogs, participate in industry forums, and ensure high-quality content.

Frequency of acquiring back links and Link Burst

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Remember that attractive and useful content will build links for you – satisfied users will be happy to share text, graphics or videos with others.
If you are able to ensure that websites that are highly respected by My Numbers List search engines and Internet users link to your content, you can count on much better positioning results.

Another issue worth paying attention to are instructions for search engine bots – they can be placed in meta tags or the “robots.txt” file. To exclude links from a given subpage, use the nofollow directive. In most cases, however, you should stick to the standard settings.

Text anchors can help improve the performance of your website. However, in order for it to be eagerly clicked by the target audience, it must be appropriately optimized. So, use the tips mentioned above and create effective anchor texts that will encourage users to visit your website.