Despite Google’s regular updates, backlinks continue to be one of the most important ranking factors . Unfortunately, some people wrongly assume that the more links they gain in a short time, the better. This practice can do a lot of harm to your website. Why? Check out what Link Velocity is and everything will become clear!

Link Velocity is the speed at which a positioned domain acquires back links.

Most Often, It is Defined. On a Monthly Basis, but It Can Also Refer to a Week or Another Time Range.

Since Links From External, Authoritative. Sites Are One of the Strongest Seo Signals, You Would Assume. That Link Velocity is a Priority. In the Seo Process.

In reality, however, it looks slightly different.

Frequency of acquiring back links and Link Burst

Is Link Velocity a ranking factor?
Link Velocity has never been considered a direct ranking signal by Google Search. The Whatsapp Data mere fact that your domain quickly acquires new links has no bearing on its position in organic search results.

What matters is the overall link profile. The more links, the better, but the condition is their high quality and credibility.

In the past, only the number of links mattered. Then, website owners obtained them on a mass scale using unauthorized techniques, such as link exchange systems, link farms or automatic generation by computers.

How to Determine Link Velocity There Are Plenty

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After some time, the Google search engine realized that many websites were linked to spammy links, so it introduced an algorithm called My Numbers List Penguin. Since 2012, manipulating rankings by artificially gaining links has no longer been possible.

Frequency of acquiring back links and Link Burst
A rapid increase in new links is not welcome in the eyes of Google. This phenomenon even has a name – Link Burst. If your website gains 1,000 new links in one day, the search engine may consider it an attempt to manipulate the ranking, which is contrary to webmaster guidelines.

Please note that artificial link generation is not allowed. It is in this context that Link Burst is most often talked about, because when you build your link profile naturally , you don’t have to worry about too much growth harming your website.