The state of alarm decree by the Government as a consequence of the coronavirus health crisis came into force on Sunday, March 15. From that moment, the limitation on the freeom of movement of all citizens was impose throughout the country (they will only be able to leave their homes for essential services); the closure of all bars, restaurants and leisure areas and also the closure of shops that were not considere essential. Thus begins a period of isolation for citizens that will last 15 days.

What is considered an essential service?

The Royal Decree will be in force, at least, until next March 30 and has no precedents in the history of our country. Therefore, there are many doubts about what can and cannot be done during these days of isolation. Next, we resolve the main questions: What is considere an essential service? The primary and industrial sector dedicate to food supply, food distribution, health and pharmacy supplies, urban and industrial Estonia Phone Number List waste, health, electricity, drinking water, gas, telecommunications, prison permits and everything relate to security and emergencies is They consider essential services. Citizens will only be able to leave their homes to carry out activities relate to these issues.

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Can you enter and leave the municipalities?

Do I have to justify that I am going to work? As? Yes. The alarm decree contemplates transfer for work reasons, as long as there is no possibility of teleworking, but it is advisable to  You can ask your company for proof that indicates name, hours, job position, or even Denmark Number Data include a payroll. Can you enter and leave the municipalities? As indicate in the decree, the isolation period may only be affecte when leaving home for essential or first-nee activities. In this case, road movements are subject to very important reasons. Even the Police can block roads and ask for justification for leaving.