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There are numerous alternatives such as Web Agencies , companies like ours  specialized in the creation of websites that have a made up of all the professionals necessary to obtain the best result. Alternatively, you can rely on freelancers who carry out these activities individually or by relying on external collaborators. 5 statistics you   to the to the  latest statistics need to know about company websites But let’s get to the point, here are 5 real statistics that can help you understand  the whether the professionals you have entrusted are doing a good job or not. 90 % of users immediately exit aesthetically unpleasant websites.

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Companies with a site optimized Iran Phone Number Data for smartphones increase their sales. 79 % of users look elsewhere if the page they land on is not mobile friendly. 53 % of users leave a website if it has a loading time longer than three seconds. 74 % of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site. These few data allow us to evaluate which elements should be given priority when building a company website. But above all, they allow those who rely on an external company to create a website to evaluate the work even if they are not an internet expert, a programmer or a web designer.

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Do you want a site for your B2B company? Or do you want to Iran Phone Number List  improve an existing site? Book a call to find out how we can help you. Do you want to talk about a digital marketing strategy for your company Contact us . We will be happy to help you digital marketing: create winning content for your business Bubble Web Marketing Digital Strategy B2B digital marketing: create winning content for your business digital-marketing-b2b In the past we have already talked about content marketing and the importance of creating content even for a B2B company. But if in past years it was an increasingly evident trend, in 2023 it has become a fundamental element.

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