Correct use of H1, H2, H3 tags in SEO is the most important process when creating content. No matter how important tag usage is, it would be wrong to evaluate tag usage by the number of uses on the page. Of course, although it is recommended that there be no more than 1 H1 tag on the page, you can use more than one H1 tag on the same page without compromising SEO compatibility by taking advantage of documents. Since we used the h1 tag in our main topic, we only showed the place of use for the h1 tag. Let’s examine a story we made up to give an example of the use of H tags.

When did I do my first SEO work? <h1>

<h2> As my experience on the internet increased, I was providing installation services to internet cafes and spending time moderating our channel on Dalnet with the MIRC program. Kaan, one of our channel moderators, was receiving training on electronic commerce in the Netherlands. One day, he sent me the first personal website UAE Whatsapp Number Data address he received from I learned that he got his personal site with the 8m .com extension for free, so I opened an account. I created my first website with Microsoft Frontpage. There were 30 animated gif animations on my home page. The website I created is opening really slowly. There is only the connection type we call ISDN, which is faster than 56k modems and better than internet connections, but no one has it because it is expensive. My friends, whom I informed to see my page, were complaining that the page did not open. I should optimize my website <h3> At that time, the useful information you could find on the internet was available entirely on foreign sites, and my knowledge of English was not sufficient to understand it all.

My website is loading slowly! <h3>

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When I read the first articles, I started laughing to myself. One of the first Mexico WhatsApp Number List items: your website’s landing page should not be larger than 100kb, including images. My first SEO work <h3> At that time, I did not know what the name SEO meant. When I think about it now, the page optimization I did back then was no different from the on-page SEO we do today. The response was good after I relaunched my website in a more streamlined way. Entering a new sector <h2> A friend and I were opening personal pages for our friends who wanted them and creating websites for various businesses. If I remember correctly, the computer we used was Pentium 166MMX with 16 MB RAM. Our first job <h3> By now you should understand the use of h tags in the topic. The example above is one of the best ways to use the h tag for prose style explanations. In terms of SEO, preparing your articles in this way will make it easier for search engines to distinguish the subject content, and you will also highlight many keywords within the same subject.