Writing for the web has only one purpose: to attract the reader’s attention. If you want to be read on the web it is essential that you know how to write for the web. But it’s not just this. Writing texts for sites and blogs, articles, titles, captions and paragraphs is an activity hand in hand with generosity and empathy . The secret to copywriting lies precisely in discovering and investigating the needs and requirements of the reader.

Online writing is not comparable

What does it mean to write for the web to other types of writing. Novels Articles for the printed paper Insights for a magazine Dialogues for a radio or television spot Writing for the web means knowing, learning and following the rules of digital communication . Copywriting, blogging, copywriting for corporate websites or micro-copy for user Dubai Business Fax List navigation. Writing for digital communication requires in-depth knowledge of the MEDIUM on which the text is published. Knowing how to use a blog editor or any other online writing program is not enough to be able to say ” I can write for the web “. It’s a bit like running a restaurant : you have to serve the right audience with the right reach. And hit their palate without spoiling the meal! Why is it so important to know how to write for the web today? As Luisa Carrada states.

Cinderella of the Internet.

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For a long time, writing has been the true Squeezed. On one side by programming and technique, on the other by the predominance of graphics. Yet learning to write for the web is particularly important and urgent. Because, after. The euphoria for the My Numbers List novelty of the medium has passed, today content is sought above all on the Internet. And then because. Contrary to traditional publishing, which is in any case reserved for the few, everyone can write and publish on the Internet. Without bottlenecks, without obstacles and even without money. Writing for the web might be something that. Happens to everyone sooner or later .¬† follows your company’s texts and online communication word for word. If you want to do digital marketing, you will find yourself dealing with blog posts, landing pages.