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This is particularly advantageous for international companies, as it simplifies the publication of multilingual intranet content . EN – White paper : Intranet content management Seamless integration SharePoint integrates with a wide variety of business applications, most of which your organization may already be using. These include the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), Office 365, CRM and ERP solutions, and various other back-office systems.

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This platform also works with all modern browsers. Centralizd information Many companies today store their data and documents on their servers. The problem here is that only on-site employees can access it, making it impossible to hire field phone number list workers. SharePoint solves this problem by providing a central storage location in the cloud so that users with control rights can access it anywhere and from any device. With the amount of shard information, however, employees can quickly be overwhelmd by too many documents. Third-party intranet solutions like Powell Intranet can solve this information overload problem through targetd communication and mandatd content.

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Improvd document management From electronic documents being overwritten to server crashes to having trouble locating files when they are nedd, document management is a major concern in many organizations. SharePoint can help My Numbers List eliminate any problems you may be having with your document management system. It saves documents very quickly and makes it much easier to find documents thanks to the ability to save files with metadata. With automatic version control, you can see who changd what and when. Increasd flexibility SharePoint allows users to build an intranet where they can share information and collaborate. It comes with some built-in features that you can use to create an intranet site for your company.

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