This was set from the beginning. Okay let’s skip to the next one. This is our advertising creative. I’m kind of keeping the ad names and stuff because here we’re not creating multiple creatives and multiple ad sets so the default is totally fine. I have a video that was sent in by a client so I’m going to go in here and click add video and we’re going to upload it from the desktop and let’s take a look. We found this video open here. We’re going to let it upload while we’re at it and let’s see what’s created. Video The colors we used in the Prism scene today were actually chosen from the actress’ jacket. So you just open the app and sample the color and it lights up before and knew immediately how to do it.

Put them together very simple

I have a lot of experience with other app Germany TG Number Data based lights and actually this one seems pretty simple. That’s it, let’s get back here. Almost finished uploading. Somewhat satisfied with this main text. I might want to add an emoji. I’m going to catch it. Good lighting research begins. You just want something extra. I want to make sure that this emoji has a space on both sides. Let’s take a quick preview. Yes I don’t mind not being there. At first I was kind of like this is weird. Just separate the sentences. But founded by a group of lighting researchers and engineers, it aims to introduce industrial-grade lighting. love it. Looks good and ready to go. That’s what they’ll see next it definitely has.

Telegram Data

I think even if the country is smaller

I will take advantage of this audience. We spent $ to add Germany Telegram Number about 10 followers for another client of mine so I’m totally happy with those numbers. I like. In fact I was wrong. For another client we spent $ targeting the US only and gained followers so this should do better. The wider the range and the more countries and interests the higher the number is and that’s the number slash that I mentioned before. The higher this number the more followers we gain. Dollar spending will reach more people. So everything looks good here. I’m happy with it. Good to go. We’ll click Publish to let it go through. Close that Make sure everything goes well before you go here. I like refreshing just to confirm.