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Profile visits – the number of views of your profile. Likes – the number of likes on the selected post. Calls – The number of unique accounts that clicked Call from your profile. Views – The total number of views for all your posts. Saved – The number of unique accounts that have saved one of your posts. Reach – The number of unique accounts that have viewed any of your posts. You can analyze posts up to 2 years back, and you can also analyze a particular type of post: Photos, Filmy, carousel posts, Product posts. Instagram analysis – how to set statistics on Instagram? In the Statistics tab, you can also check statistics for Instagram Stories from the last 14 days. Instagram analysis  tools.

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The statistics that Instagram itself offers are extensive, but to run a fully successful campaign you need a more detailed set of data. Detailed Instagram whatsapp mobile number list analytics offers media monitoring tools. One of them is Brand24 – according to Buffer, the most popular tool for collecting public mentions from many online sources, including Instagram. Brand24 will collect information about what users say about your brand and additionally: will analyze the tone of speech; will prepare a list of the most popular hashtags that will help you increase your reach. and a lot more. Importantly, Brand24 works 100% in accordance with the Facebook/Instagram API and the GDPR.

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Data from Brand24 will perfectly complement the available statistics from Instagram. Brand24 offers 14 days of free trials. To use it, just << set up a My Numbers List test account >> is to set up a project. In the wizard, just enter., a company hashtag, or really anything related to your industry. In the main panel you will find all public mentions from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other online channels.

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