The 5 mobile marketing metrics that managers demand

Facilities installs are perhaps the most obvious indicator of the success of a mobile marketing strategy. Without a doubt, the first step is to convince potential users that downloading your app is worth it. If you manage to generate a critical mass of downloads, you will generate a “Pull effect” that will help you go further. But installs aren’t everything – keep reading to find out which are the most accurate and effective mobile marketing metrics. If you want to know how to increase the installations of your mobile app, download the mobile app marketing ebook .

User activity

It is a complete guide on mobile Belgium Business Fax List marketing strategies. 2) records first mistake to avoid in mobile analytics: confusing installations with registrations . These two metrics are different, and in fact, they typically don’t match. This is due to two reasons: the presence of users who download your application, but never open it and therefore do not register. Users who install the app on different devices (for example, tablet and mobile) but use a single account. Therefore, the records give a more faithful view of the number of real users of the app than the installations.

Fax List

Monetization metrics

But if you want to measure the real success of your My Numbers List app, you will have to go much further. 3) user activity with the data on user activity, we are beginning to leave the field of simple metrics and enter that of kpis , which can really give you valuable information to guide your business decisions. These are the metrics on user activity that you cannot lose sight of: active users . Typically, this number is measured over a given period of time: the most common metrics are the number of active users per day, per week, and per month.

If all users used the app every day of the month, the number of active users per month and per day would be the same… But of course, real life is usually a lot more complicated. Frequency of use of the application. This metric is very important to measure the extent to which users engage with the app. You can also calculate the engagement rate by dividing active users per day by active users per month. For example, if the daily audience is 100 users and the monthly audience is 500.

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