Temporary imputation in personal income tax 

The Resolution of November 2 of the TEAC has recently made. Similarly a clarification in an extraordinary. Similarly appeal for the unification of criteria in the temporary iTemporary. Temporary imputation in personal income tax  imputation in persona income tax   amounts paid by FOGASA as unpaid wages by the employer are in the nature of work income, and since the effectiveness of said obligation is usually. Similarly delaye – the perceive as “arrears” -, the worker will have to apply the special temporary imputation rules establishetwo cases can be differentiate in terms of their temporal. Similarly imputation: 1. FOGASA payments that correspond.

Pedro Martin Molina

Periods prior to the one in which they are receive, over which there is no dispute regarding their collection. In these cases, the year in which said remuneration is receive will be attribute to the different years in which they were payable through the presentation of the corresponding complementary . FOGASATemporary imputation in personal income tax  pond to periods prior to that in which they are receive, there being a Greece Number Data dispute over the right to receive these payments. The amounts paid by FOGASA will be declared as income from work for the year in which the judicial resolution becomes final. In the event that the court ruling becomes final one year.

Pedro Martin Molina

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