Tax violation and tax crime

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It is well known that the operation of the Spanish tax system is base on compliance with a series.

The relationship between the taxpayer

These rules establish the tax duties whose non-compliance generates the violation and. Similarly the corresponding sanction. The General Tax Law regulates the applicable regulations regarding infractions and sanctions, although thTax violation and tax crimee laws of each tax regulate specific infractions. The tax violation A tax violation is understood. Similarly to be any voluntary and intentional action that is classifie and sanctione by law. In order for a taxpayer’s conduct to be classifie as. Similarly an infraction and receive France Number Data the corresponding sanction, the following facts must occur: – There must be a rule that classifies and describes that conduct as sanctionable.

Which operations

That the sanction to be applied is foreseen when the events that determine this infraction occur. – That there is manifest .guilt on the part of the offender. That guilt can be determine by intentionality or negligence in the act. Tax violations can be classifie as minor, serious or very serious. The Estonia Phone Number List rule that describes the violation must also classify it in the corresponding group following the criterion of the existence of concealment or fraudulent. meansTax violation and tax crime  (i) the corresponding declarations are not submitte; (ii) when statements are presente that include. non-existent operations or with false amounts.

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