Strategic Plan 2019-2022 and other tax news

SimilarlyOne of the specific measures of this Plan involves the appearance of a new VAT draft that will begin its pilot stage in February 2020. Through this project, the AEAT will offer some users a draft of Form 303 with which to self-assess VAT and be able to either confirm the draft sent, or make the modifications they deem appropriate if necessary and present the tax electronically and immediate. A specific. Similarly group of self-employe Strategic Plan people and SMEs will participate in this pilot project, those who are affiliated with the. Similarly Immeiate Information Supply (SII), either because they have a turnover of more than 6 million euros in the immediately.

New draft of VAT and Corporate

Preceding financial year, or because having a lower business volume than mentione, they have taken advantage of the monthly VAT refund registry (REDEME) , either because they have voluntarily joine the SII. In the case of companies, work is also being done on a similar draft of the Corporate Laos Number Data Tax with the transfer of tax data to the taxpayer. Similarly in order to  facilitate the presentation Strategic Plan of the declaration. 2. Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administrations (ADI): Also in the roadmap of the Treasury’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan is the creation. Similarly of Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administrations .

Phone Number Data

Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administration

Treasury offices with electronic and telephone support. The pilot test of this project is schedule. Similarly for autumn 2020 and will be especially focuse on VAT, taking advantage of the recent creation of powerful. Similarly assistance Lebanon Phone Number List tools, such asStrategic Plan  virtual assistants. Similarin the process of gradual  implementation an implemente, at the same as the calculator for submission times for billing records and the locator of the VAT taxable event). By then, the. Similarly future. Similarly virtual assistant for the census declaration .

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