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The research results choosing an SEO agency should be. The first step in the process of positioning a website or store. Step by step positioning In order for website positioning to bring benefits in the form. A higher position in search results and an increasnumber of conversions, basic SEO guidelines should be met. Website SEO audit An essential step in starting the positioning of a website or store is to conduct an SEO audit of the website. This is an extremely important step, which involves analyzing and assessing the website in terms of its current position in Google’s organic search results and the degree of its preparation for the positioning process. Thanks to the audit results, we can assess the initial effects generatby the website, which may affect the time needto achieve better positions and increase website traffic.

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During an SEO audit, the following is assessprimarily website visibility in Google’s organic search results, content quality, quality and number of links leading to the website, the state of technical optimization and the India TG Number structure and structure of the website. Additionally, it is worth conducting an SEO competition analysis to find inspiration to develop a website positioning strategy and improve your own activities. Be sure to read How to do a website SEO audit? expert tips How to conduct an SEO audit of a website? List of free and paid SEO tools How to do a technical SEO audit? A guide for beginners How to perform a technical SEO audit? List of proven tools.

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How to perform a technical SEO audit

Determining the target audience To conduct effective website positioning, it is necessary to determine the target audience. For this purpose Identify your target group and define your potential India Whatsapp Number customer. Determine age, gender, interests, financial status, education level and other relevant demographic factors. Create an ideal customer profile, i.e. the person who best fits your offer. Describe her characteristics, preferences, problems and needs. Visualize this person to better understand who you will be communicating with.

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