SEO Guide for Beginners on Google in 2017 + 8 Video Tutorials. The objective of this SEO guide is to introduce you step by step. Therefore, the most basic aspects of SEO and aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals. Who are beginners in this subject. I have decided to write this SEO guide for beginners in order to introduce. Therefore, my readers to natural search engine positioning and to all those people. Who want to learn how to navigate this scenario. I am going to explain to you some of the strategies that have helped me get more than 250,000 visits/month with my blog.

How does the Google search engine work

The Algorithm that Google uses is made up of hundreds of criteria and factors . Therefore, that decide in which position we appear in the search engine’s list. Google protects its algorithm better than the “Coca Cola formula” , always trying to protect itself from spam or low-relevance content. Therefore, that tries to trick the search engine into giving it a good position. I will tell you in this guide that SEO has experienced email contact list more changes in the last 3 years than in its entire history.

What we usually search for on Google

It has been many years since we have kept the White Pages. Therefore, Yellow Pages and QDQ “books”, no matter how small they have wanted to make them in their latest versions. Therefore, it is already a My Numbers List material with an expiration date and in total disuse. Therefore, and all of this is caused by the ease and speed with which we access information through the Google search engine. whether from a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone and even a television.