Traffic from Google image searches has great implications for your site. What is Google based on when sending this traffic? SEO compatible use of images Let’s divide the elements that affect traffic in visual use into items and make brief explanations about the items. Avoid long text descriptions Some users leave valuable long key descriptions, that is, explanations that are long enough to be called a summary, in the description sections below the images and do not present them in the article. It is more logical to include the golden words of an important event in the text. Provide Detailed Information About Images The thing to consider when creating images is Turkish character symbols. It is necessary to pay attention to keyword creation when creating an image. For example; “ seo-nedir.jpg “ is an explanatory picture. If it is “ 145Dc001.jpg ” instead, it will be an image in an empty loop with no description. Google matches the key text used in the image within the page . In other words, you cannot stand out in visual searches just by giving this name to an image.

Enter alt description for images.

You can watch the sampling made by Matt Cutts in the video below . Images must have a sub-description. As for the reasons: Google attaches importance to the healthiest data for users. Therefore, when he reaches a picture, he needs explanations of this picture. In other words, it gives importance to the purpose for which the Switzerland Whatsapp Number Data picture was left and what it was left to explain. Now let’s see the use of alt tags in images with examples; Unsuccessful usage example What is meant here is that the keyword should be used appropriately, not in a deceptive way.

Pay Attention to the Quality of Pictures

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You can customize your images by using various customizer plugins. Give your visitors a quality presentation. A well-prepared visual can make you read the entire article. You should avoid using images that are blurry, low resolution, too dark or too bright. Likewise, you should be careful not to present complex text on the Australia WhatsApp Number List image. You need to be careful to use images in the right area. For example, when a user visiting your site reaches a piece of content, if you have used an image at the bottom of the topic, they will exit because the article is boring at first and will not be able to see the image. Therefore, if it is necessary to give the correct example of visual use, the summary area at the top can be no more than 50 words. By clicking the Download optimized image, js, css files tab at the bottom of the analysis results, you can upload the optimized files for your site to the necessary directories. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of visuals.