RSS (Rich Site Summary) comes included in ready-made CMS (content management system) systems used by many web pages. We tried to translate a part of John Mueller ‘s speech over Hangout for you. Question (Translation): “Does having RSS on a site have any effect on SEO?” John Mueller (Translation) : “In general, we can think of it in two different ways. If you’re looking to increase your rankings, you can’t do that with RSS feeds. RSS technically helps crawling. A highly active news site, a blog, or maybe a product-selling business will help them stay at the top of the rankings. We receive these new URLs and try to retrieve them and process them immediately. So if the RSS feed is working fine, when the RSS is pinged we will receive the RSS feeds, try to crawl the updated pages. It’s something that runs really fast. So, if there is new content on your site, the RSS feed will help us find it and you will appear in the search results faster.”

RSS feed and SEO Relationship Google Explained

You can watch the entire conference in the video below: As far as we understand from the conversations in this video, if you have a website whose content changes rapidly, it seems possible to quickly index the changes in the site by pinging the RSS links instead of pinging all the changing content. PubSubHubbub, mentioned in the Saudi Arabia Whatsapp Number Data speech, is an open source protocol based on publisher and subscriber management.  and necessary resources about PubSubHubbub here.Another thing you should pay attention to when choosing labels is that you should avoid choosing short labels. A newly launched site is not ready for the main word. So, while you are chasing a dolphin in the ocean, you miss other fish in the ocean. Therefore, the site should try to rise in long and double keywords when it is first opened. Registering for Google Services You have published your content and it is time to register to our site. First of all, you need to add the domain from the Google Add Site section.

PubSubHubbub You can find more information

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You can write the purpose of your site’s establishment in the comment description section. After you prove that the site Canada WhatsApp Number List belongs to you. You should click on the site address that appears in the home page section and follow the steps below. An active site must have open social media accounts. If we need to rank social media accounts, Google+ , Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin take the first place. Social media accounts are opened and account addresses are added to the plugin we installed on our site. It allows users to follow you on social media.