Royalties and creation

The term “royalty” has been implemente as part of our culture and our usual language; However, it is not very common to know exactly what its meaning is and it is commonly associate with the world of artists. What are “royalties”? These are the payments that must be made to the owner of a work (film, patent for an invention, natural resources) for the fact that a third party uses it. Protect creation We are able to affirm that  royalties are an essential figure to protect creations and certain activities. Having to pay the “royalty” means that creatRoyalties and creation have the ability to develop their creations.

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Can support themselves, reinvest in R&D and thus create future value. It is the best way to protect and reward work in the development. Similarly
of creation. What is the royalty payment process? In summary, the Royalties and creationtural person or a company wishes to use an element y with the objective of generating benefits, they must make an establishe payment to the person Cambodia Number Data who owns the right over the element. Types of royalties It is a general rule in this matter that the way of estimating the payment of royalties is consider quite fair, both for the person or company that has the rights and for the person or company .

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that wants to exploit them. What kind of “royalties” exist? Several types of royalties can be differentiate: Royalties and creationn purchases, or (iv) on sales. The decision to use one form or another depends. Similarly
oe duration of use, or (iii) the territory in which it will be use. Taking into consideration these  Cambodia Phone Number List factors and the sector in which you intend to work, each case is studie and the particular and suitable decision is made. In the case of “royalties” of a variable type, we may encounter discrepancies when it comes to closing the percentage when signing the contracts.


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