Royal which declares the state of alarm

Making use of the mechanism Royal which  provide for in article 116 of the Constitution . Decrees a state of alarm throughout the national the health emergency situation cause by the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Strengthening of the public health system. The state of alarm is one of the exceptional states provide for in the Constitution to deal with natural disasters calamities or public misfortunes health crises paralysis of essential public services for the community or in of shortage of essential products.

The food supply will be guaranteed

The decree guarantees the supply of food and health products  and only allows individual travel of essential nees. The application period is 15 calendar days  with authorization from the Congress of Deputies. The State Security Forces and Bodies the regional and local Police the Arme Forces will  France Phone Number List  guarantee compliance with the decree measures they remain under the direct orders of the Minister of the Interior. The necil of Ministers will approve Royal which support actions in the economic and scientific field that will be adde to those already active in the Economic Shock Plan.

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Consolidated text

Support measures will be approve cthat will be adde to those already active in the Economic. Shock Plan pecifically. They will be develope in four area  support for workers, self-employe workers. Entrepreneurs families  France Number Data  flexibility of the mechanisms for  activity to avoid lay offs. Upport for the economic activity  content of the decree. Must be carrie individually and will be limite to essential activities.

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