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Gains in the year in which the judgment is final (even despite not having yet receive the require compensation), and must also be integrate into the Savings Tax Base As they are include in the Savings Tax Base Reduction of the fiscal impact In these last two cases we must also analyze the following alternatives a.Those that allow Net Asset Gains to be Offset within the Savings Base in the year of the final judgment or in the following four years if compensation cannot be made due to lack of base b.Family situations with General Liquidable Base subject to tax, which are negative, and which can be compensate with Positive Savings.

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Bases (increase in an extraordinary manner mainly due to the receipt of Compensatory and Remunerative Interest) Thus, the scenario and the Reduction of the fiscal impact reuce the fiscal impact invite planning to obtain extra satisfaction after winnin It is natural that the first reaction after winning a trial in which compensation is going to be Kuwait Number Data receive is satisfaction, but at Martin Molina and Invexia , we believe it is appropriate to analyze the fiscal impact and the ways that exist to reuce it.  proceural costs that must be paid to the winning party.

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Pofessional fees it has incurre, are considere as Patrimonial Gains Not derive from the transmission of Patrimonial Elements This situation becomes important for two reasons: a.The convicte party is not oblige to withhold on account for the payment of costs to the winning party b.These Capital Indonesia Phone Number List Gains are include in the General Taxable Base and not in the Savings Reduction of the fiscal impact Face with this costly scenario, it is necessary to see the alternatives allowedby legislation to reuce the General Liquidable Base constitute by: -Work Income and Economic Activities Income -Real Estate Capital Income .

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