Procedure for processing medical reports

The Ministry of Inclusions, Migrations and Social Security has issue Clarifying. Instructions regarding the proceure for referral .eical reports from the Public Health Services (SPS) for coronavirus . all so that the employee can call .heir health center . Who will issue the medical reports. The SPS (Public Health Services) doctors will issue the   discharge and discharge reports in all cases of coronavirus (in accordance with the agree upon ). Estimate duration of the IT The estimate .Duration for these IT processes is set between 5 and 30 calendar days (short duration processes in accordance with RD 625/2014).

Who will issue the medical reports

As state in the aforementione Royal Decree. The issuance of the first confirmation report will not exceed the initia. l cancellation date by more than seven calendar days. The successive parts. If necessary may not be issue with a difference of more than fourteen calendar days between them. For the proper Germany Number Data payment of the economic benefit in these IT processes as long as  the medical leave report is not issue. The actions aime at suspending the employment relationship and recognizing the right to the aforementione economic benefit for IT will not be initiate. . Procedure The medical leave report due to isolation will require.

Phone Number Data

Estimated duration of the IT

Confirmation of the origin of that isolation by the competent health authority of each Autonomous Community or whoever it authorizes. Therefore. It is essential that this information about isolation reaches the competent. Doctors Germany Phone Number List as quickly as possible to issue the sick leave report. The sick  leave report and confirmation reports may be issue without the physical presence of the worker. Provide that there is an indication from the authority in case of isolation . Confirmation of the disease by the means available in the Health Service (Clinical records). When the period of isolation.

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