How to position a blog on Google for more than 100,000 keywords

How to position a blog on Google for more than 100,000 keywords. The creation of a blog can change the life of a professional or a brand if they are able to make it work. I am not going to deceive you, it is not easy at all, 91% do not make it past the first year of life, either because lack of resources, time or lack of results, but think for a moment. Do you know of any projects up and running in a year. The truth is that no, but we think that being an online channel it should work faster and what is even worse, spending less money on it, when in reality this is not the case because it requires the same or more investment.

First Steps to position a blog on Google

If you want to position a blog on Google, the first thing you should do is understand the tool you are going to use well and not only should you have basic training that allows you to upload top people data articles to your blog, what will make the difference is that you know things like: Advanced configuration of your blog. Protect the security of your blog. Choose and correctly configure WordPress plugins.

Understanding the Google algorithm

The next step is to know Google’s webmaster guidelines well, both those regarding quality, how to help Google find your pages and understand their content, and how you help your users use your blog. In this link you have all the information, I think taking a few minutes to read it will be of great help to you. The Google algorithm is based on at least 200 My Numbers List factors that decide whether we are higher or lower in the Google search engine, but do not obsess over these 200 factors, try to focus your efforts on the 4 most important ones.

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