It’s the same with employees. A study conducte by the Maritz Institute and the Foundation for Incentive Research shows that people have an emotional preference for rewards that are cash. Charlotte Blank, conduct director at Maritz, says non-monetary incentives are much more memorable. Other research suggests that Millennials’ preferre form of recognition is a simple handwritten note. So, the next time one of your employees reaches a goal or milestone, think about a reward that requires a little more attention. Involve your employees in the conversation Rewarding your employees is great, but to keep employees happy.

Consider how you trea

Research has shown that transparency is a top factor in people satisfaction. Your employees will appreciate being kept up to date through honest and transparent communication. A 2017 TINYpulse study found that transparency and employee career growth were linke: Companies that lacke transparency also suffere from a lack of career growth among their own. Being honest and upfront with your team can go a Australia Number Data long way. Even weekly meetings can provide a platform to hear employee feedback. After all, if your goal is to make your employees as productive as possible, making them an integral part of the conversation will give them a reason to be there.

Plan a shared experience

Perhaps the best gift for employees is not a gift at all. A Harris Group study found that Millennials value experiences over money. There are many options that require little planning. Of course, you have to take some time to think about what type of experience will be most value by your team. If you know them, you will know what can excite them. 4.- Promote Brazil Phone Number List the professional careers of your employees. If your employees view their work as just a means to pay the bills, they likely won’t find much satisfaction in their daily tasks. Help them develop a career within your organization, developing new skills or improving the ones they already have.