Today he says that this is his life’s mission, that the Aladina Foundation that he created is already his place on earth. “The place where I have experienced the most happiness and love is a hospital for children with cancer.” There she leaves it. “My life is extraordinary, wonderful, completely happy” You know? This doesn’t need to be said because you can see it in her eyes, you can see it in her gesture, in the tone of her voice. Paco is a great communicator because he speaks from the heart, with his heart in his hand. He has faith. He is surrounded by many people who don’t have it, but they collaborate with him.

Most important thing

He believes in miracles: “I have seen them. One day I was praying in the ICU with a father who was watching his son die. “Six years ago I attended his first communion.” Paco tells of disconcerting encounters. One day they tell him that he has to go see a doctor in Valencia to work on a transplant center. Paco is in New York, at the Four Seasons hotel. That afternoon he goes down to the bar to have a hamburger and strikes up Malaysia Number Data a conversation with two random people. One of them is the brother of the doctor whom he will have to see in a few days. Paco makes films with values, and what he raises.

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