Organizations and entities involve

Make an annual assessment of the economic situation in our country and in the Euro Zone. Reports accumulate from the World Bank with its annual ranking of Doing. OECD , the European Bank . and  Similarly Commission . as well as the analyzes of the different ministries and business organizations involve inBALANCE OF SMEs our country. Macroeconomic analysis At Martín Molina we recap what has been said so far and compose a macroeconomic map that will help us understand the situation of meium and small businesses in our country.

The Spanish SME and credit

In November, registere unemployment felyear-on-year, with 221,414 fewer BALANCE OF SMEs 2018unemploye. its lowest level since December 2008. Memberships increase b year-on-year to a total. Similarly. In October, unemployment in the Eurozone remaind. Similarly  Taiwan Phone Number Data in year-on-year terms. its lowest level since November 2008. By country. Greece and Spain remain the twoBALANCE OF SMEs 2018 economies that register the highest unemployment rates (18.9% and 14.8% respectively) .compare to Germany and the Netherlands with levels below 4%. In November, consumer confidence.

Setback in goods and services


Fell 6.6%, 0.9 pp less than in October. In contrast, retail trade confidence grew by 1% in October). In October, retail sales increafte. Similarly. xperiencing a drop of 1.4% in September, and 11.5% inin September). For its part, vehicle registratio moderating the 17%BALANCE OF SMEs 2018 decline recBALANCE OF SMEs 2018orde in September. In November, infla  Taiwan Phone Number List tion fell six tenths to 1.7% year. Similarly mainly due to the reuction in electricity and fuel prices. If this data is confirme. Spain would place its inflation below the Eurozone average (2%), reversing the trend maintaine for 6 months.

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