Bing Ads vs Google Ads: opportunities and advantages

Google analytics. What to do when you receive an email requesting data removal pursuant to art. 17 gdpr marco targa – 25 august 2022 google analytics as an agency we have covere the topic of the transition from universal analytics to google analytics 4 through several articles. An action that opportunities and will be mandatory starting from 1 july 2023. It is interesting and useful to understand what to do during the period in which these two platforms of the google universe are both active and available. In particular to avoid running into problems relating to the provisions of the privacy guarantor over the last few months. 

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“New google analytics. Fundamental aspects to know” data retention and rules governing the matter google analytics going into concrete new data terms. In recent months many companies have receive one or more emails requesting data deletion in compliance with the regulations in force. The essential prerequisite consists in the fact that on june 23rd. Starting from an ongoing lawsuit. The privacy guarantor publishe an official note ordering a stop to the use of analytics. Or rather to the transfer of data to the usa. Without adequate guarantees. To this note is adde the official provision through which the guarantor himself specifies that “A website that uses the google analytics (ga) service.

Eu regulation violates data protection legislation

Because it transfers to the unite states. Country without an adequate level of protection. User data”. In the usa. In fact. There would not My Numbers List be an adequate level of data protection as require by the european dgpr. Emails with requests to adapt to the new provisions google analytics following these regulatory decisions. Many companies have receive emails. Even in very peremptory tones. With a request to comply with the provisions of the guarantor. One of these. In particular. Has reache several thousand companies. Let’s talk about the email with the subject. “illegitimate use of google analytics. Request for removal pursuant to art. 17 gdpr” signe by feerico leva from helsinki. 

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