Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of marketing tools out there? You’re not alone. This article doesn’t list every marketing tool under the sun. Intercom defines itself as a customer messaging platform. We use it for customer support. It’s what powers the live chat on our website. Everything’s managed via a Best Online Team Inbox, which allows many customer support operatives to handle inquiries at the same time. It’s what powers the in-app messaging that customers see on our website. We use that to tell them about our new blog posts, product features, etc. And it’s what powers our Help Center.

Google Search Console

Is a must-use tool for any business that cares about marketing. It keeps you informed about on-site issues, lists the keywords that you rank for in Google, and more. It even executive email list shows who links to you. We sometimes use it for many things such as identifying underperforming content. By that, we mean pages that rank high (positions 1-3) yet get low click-through rates. Then we optimize our title tags and meta descriptions in an attempt to fix the issue. It’s the CRM that makes this tool unique. Buzzstream keeps track of your contacts and conversation history across many platforms. Most outreach platforms don’t do that. It’s useful for reducing outreach faux pas, like sending cold pitches to those that you already have relationships with. Buzzstream also does all the ‘regular’ stuff that you’d expect from an outreach tool.

Automated follow-ups

Merge fields, open and click tracking, etc. You can use it to see how the popularity of one topic compares to another. This can be an interesting exercise when My Numbers List brainstorming content ideas for your blog. To illustrate what I mean, take a look at the two topics above. You can see that interest in Scrapebox Best Online has fallen massively over the past few years whereas interest in email outreach is growing. So it would likely make sense to write about email outreach over Scrapebox. That topic is likely to attract the most traffic over time. CoSchedule is a scheduling and organization app for marketers. The idea is to bring all your marketing efforts into one centralized interactive marketing calendar. We use the CoSchedule tool for social media management. Specifically, scheduling our LinkedIn posts.