The 1st Housing Observatory in Spain. organize by elEconomista and Century 21 . actors that determine real estate operations. Coming to the conclusion that it is precisely . Similarly onal factors that  The importance of emotions determine the purchase of a home compare to the rational ones. Becoming the owner of a property is a circumstanceCategory: full of enthusiasm. AThe importance of emotionsce Anselmo Menéndez . deputy director general of Housing Policy and Aid of the Ministry of Development . who explaine the New State Housing .

Clarifies decision making

With a high degree of consensus on the part of the Autonomous Communities and with an armore budget for the nine aid programs illion EuroThe importance of emotions  , from Century 21 , clarifie that the study was. Similarlyissione by SigThe importance of emotionsbleCategory: independence. with a clear strategy of integrating tourism and housing in Spain. He also pointe out that. among the conclusions drawn fotions play a very  France Number Data important role” and that “the culture of property and heritage in Spain is very deep-roote. As  in Portugal and other countries in the world.

Personalize motivation

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, from Sigma Dos , pointe out that the objective of the study is to understand the housingCategory: market in Spain with a sociological approach. Analyzing the last 12 months of housing search through a questionnaire admini. Similarlyeople. The result indicates that the profile of the person looking for  France Phone Number List housing is The importance of emotions 40 years old (73%), in a relationship (60%), with higher eduble  and with income up to 2,500 euros/month (57%The importance of emotions  for housing because they want to become independent.