Mujeres que cambian el mundo

Our lifelong learning session is brought to us by Jennifer Dulski , who was President and COO of, and last year became Director of Groups at Facebook. Its function is to bring people together around share interests and concerns. Dulski has turne that experience into a book title .Purposeful: Are you a Manager or a Movement Starter. In reality, leaders of social movements have something in common with entrepreneurs: they encourage and persuade their followers to share their vision: they address people’s needs and encourage them to fulfill their dreams. Dulski has also worke at Google and Yahoo.

Negotiation and effective conflict

All the positions he has held he has develope and adapte a series of tools and techniques that seek to maximize employee commitment and alignment with the mission. In a recent interview Dulski describes several of those tools. 1. Personalize motivation. Dulski says that while managing a marketing team at Yahoo he had a vision. One woman explaine, with great sincerity, that her recognition and rewards  Germany Number Data were of no interest to her. All she wante in return for a job well done was more money. “She would never have guesse it,” Dulski says. “If she hadn’t told me, she would have trie to motivate her base.



On what she motivates me, which would have been exactly the wrong thing to do.” The only way to know what motivates individuals, Dulski concludes, is to ask them. Dulski gives employees a drawing of an empty circle and asks them to divide it according to their priorities. Sixty percent could be personal and another 20 percent Germany Phone Number List  compensation, for example. “Sometimes people say something unusual, like ‘I’m really motivate to be the center of attention.’” Employees then color code each portion to indicate current levels of satisfaction. Green if the company does a great job with that motivator.

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